Why we treat our properties For Lease as though they were For Sale

Our Property Management team at LISTED Estate Agents can get a bit sensitive about the fact that very often, investment properties aren’t given as much TLC when advertised for lease as sales properties are when advertised for sale. We don’t think they should be treated any differently.

One of our goals is to maximise owners’ return on their investment property, therefore, one of the most important elements of this process is the property presentation and representation when listed and on the market. Not all marketing is effective, nor does it have impact, or does it reach and appeal to its target audience. That’s why LISTED Estate Agents advertise to ‘sell’ your property rather than just list it and hope for enquiry.

You benefit from LISTED Estate Agents policy to only use a professional real estate photographer to take property photos, creating images that make your property stand out and come to life. You won’t see one of our team’s reflection as they stand in the bathroom mirror taking a photo on their iphone and you won’t see a photo with half the front of the property obscured because a company car is in the shot! Fred, is a local real estate photographer who knows our core area well and has the right kit and caboodle to capture the best features of the property. If it’s a large, bright family kitchen with meals AND a casual lounge area, then he’ll pick the best angle and use the best lighting to demonstrate that.

We also commit to all properties marketed to having access to premium online advertising. How do we do that? Well, we only advertise with ‘Premier Adverts,’ at the top of page 1 on the largest online real estate portal in Australia. The biggest advert, guaranteed around the top spot of page 1 for the first 30 days. Now this is important because the average tenant is searching really quickly and won’t scroll down to page 2. As agencies upload a new property, previously advertised properties get bumped down the list so if potential tenants don’t see what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll move on. Our properties will remain in the top spot. And that’s another reason why our average days on market far less than the average. Saving your BIG dollars in lost rental income.

Oh, and we make a bit of an effort with our adverts when we write them. We want potential tenants to know what the best features are about the property as soon as they read the opening line and to be drawn to attend the home open. We write with passion and care because we are passionate and we do care.

Believe us, this attention to detail when marketing your property for lease makes all the difference in achieving the highest possible rent, in the shortest possible time to the best possible tenants. If you’re interested in hearing more information about our Property Management services, don’t hesitate to contact me. Paula Alsford – 0432 281 070

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